Thursday, 27 October 2011

October 2011.

October is traditionally top migration month with bird movements generally south. South from higher altitudes for birds like Redwing and Fieldfare and south from here for our summer migrants. By now most of the movers south from here are on the move or gone. Early in the month about twenty swallows were flying south over Balham, heading back down to Africa.

Was there much movement over the common?

10th October.
Of note were the abundant Goldcrests. There must have been a 'fall' overnight as these are the first I've seen here for over a year. I must have counted at least 15. There was still one singing Blackcap and a Chiffchaff.

A few Goldcrests still but otherwise much as normal.

An early frosty start with a brief look around the pond.
A Little grebe was on the pond, a first on the common for me.
Cormorant and a plane.

A fair walk, a car burnt out by joy riders on the Triangle, the bird count wasn't bad, 32 species and there was a female Bullfinch at the far end of the Triangle. A rarity in these ere parts. Presumbaly, it was the same one that dropped in by the pond an hour later.
Female Bullfinch, shooting straight into the sun.


A rat by the pond.

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